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A Letter From Buffalo Bill to Ned Buntline

Reprinted in Street & Smith's New York Weekly, July 22, 1872:

Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack. Letters from these real heroes of the present day inform us that the first named has just departed on a perilous trip into the far North-West, to recover property stolen by the Indians, while the latter is engaged in a new enterprise, which will add to his fame and bring him prominently before the public in a short time. Meantime, “Ned Buntline’”’ is far away, but busy on his new story of “Texas Jack, the Hero of the Loup.”

FORT MCPHERSON, June 4th, 1872.

Dear Colonel:—Before leaving on my trip among the Indians, I pen you a few lines to let you know myself and family are well. I leave to-morrow for a two months' trip. I am going from here across the country to the Missouri River among those Northern Indians, for the purpose of getting back some stolen horses. The Indians have stolen so many horses from the railroad and taken them so far north that troops have never followed them to their stronghold, where they feel secure with their stolen property, but now we are going to follow them to their own country and get the horses.

Texas Jack is not going on this trip, he starts tomorrow to catch wild buffalo for a gentleman here from Niagara Falls. They are going to take some full-grown buffalo there, and some Indians, and have a genuine buffalo hunt. Jack will make you a visit while he is East.

Your true friend, W. F. Cody.

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