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Buffalo Bill, Author

Buffalo Bill wrote quite a few dime novels, but he returned to no character as often as he did Texas Jack. Most of the time, Jack was rushing to help Buffalo Bill as they rescued maidens and fought renegades on the prairie, but occasionally Cody would write about his old pard and his adventures on the southern border.

Cody's admiration for his friend and partner is evident in his descriptions of Texas Jack, like this one in

Texas Jack, the Lasso King; or, the Robber Rangers of the Rio Grande. A Romance of My Pard of the Plains:

Texas Jack, The Lasso King by Buffalo Bill Cody

"He was about five-feet-ten, with full chest, broad shoulders, slender waist, and limbs that were perfect in athletic outline.

His hair was light-brown, wavy, and hung upon his shoulders, while a curling mustache shaded his mouth, which, as he spoke, revealed even rows of whitest teeth.

His face was handsome, with a bonhomie expression in which was mingled a love of fun and a spirit to do and dare.

Clear as crystal were his eyes, and they seemed to penetrate to the soul of the one he regarded.

An embroidered silk shirt, with a black silk scarf knotted under the broad collar, a pair of buckskin leggings stuck in handsome enameled top-boots, with small heels and spurs, a belt-of-arms, and a sombrero turned up upon one side, and pinned there with a star of rubies, and a handsome diamond pin in his scarf, made up a costume which was at once striking, serviceable and picturesque."

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