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Deep Nostalgia

A lot of interest created by the animated images of Texas Jack and his friends run through the Deep Nostaliga AI, so I thought I'd make a post to share them all, and to link you all to where you can do the same to your favorite photos. MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia AI can be found here. Accounts are free but users are limited to five photos per account before they want you to sign up for the premium version of their service. This Gizmodo article describes how the process works, for those of you interested in how this seemingly magic process occurs behind the scenes. Here is the main cast from the first two seasons that The Scouts of the Prairie and The Scouts of the Plains toured. Ned Buntline was involved with the first tour, and Wild Bill the second. Buffalo Bill, Texas Jack, and Jack's wife Giuseppina Morlacchi toured together from 1872 until 1876

Texas Jack Omohundro

Buffalo Bill Cody

Wild Bill Hickok

The Peerless Giuseppina Morlacchi

Ned Buntline

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