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Dime Library Podcast

Just launched!

Texas Jack, the Prairie Rattler by Buffalo Bill Cody

Texas Jack, Buffalo Bill, and Wild Bill first found fame in the dime novels that were so popular in the 19th century. As I've researched Texas Jack, I've collected and read quite a few of these dime novels by writers like Ned Buntline and Prentiss Ingraham, but also by Buffalo Bill Cody and Texas Jack Omohundro himself. Since I've enjoyed them so much, I thought why not record some and release them as a podcast, so that other people who love the history and the characters of the West as much as I do can experience these stories with me.

And so I'm proud to announce the Dime Library Podcast.

The plan is to release an episode a week, but I thought we should kick things off with a bang, so the podcast and the website launch with the complete 10-part story Texas Jack, the Prairie Rattler, written by Jack's friend and partner Buffalo Bill Cody. This story was written and released in 1883, three years after Texas Jack's death, and while Cody was thinking of his best friend and costar as he prepared to launch his new Wild West Show with Doc Carver, who had also performed shooting exhibitions with Texas Jack in 1878. In the descriptions of Texas Jack in Buffalo Bill's story, one truly gets a sense of how much these men meant to each other.

I hope you all enjoy the website and the podcast. You keep listening and I'll keep working on making it better.

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