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Looking for Love

As Valentine's day approached in 1873, two young men from Cincinnati, Ohio, sought to impress "an unlimited number of young ladies" by posturing as BUFFALO BILL and TEXAS JACK. This was, of course, an era long before Tinder, so these enterprising gentlemen took out a personal ad in the Cincinnati Enquirer, ensuring the young ladies in question that they would receive prompt answers and photos exchanged.

"PERSONAL—If an unlimited number of young ladies will write to two fun-loving young gents of 18 and 19 they will receive prompt answers; photos exchanged. Address BUFFALO BILL and TEXAS JACK, this office."

It is perhaps no wonder that Cody and Omohundro, Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack, would be admired by women and emulated by men as their Scouts of the Prairie tour continued. Indeed, the men had played Cincinnati just a month earlier, setting the stage for the aforementioned personal ad. They would spend much of February in upstate New York before heading to Boston and then Lowell, Massachusetts, adopted hometown of the show's leading lady, Giuseppina Morlacchi.

Before he left his Nebraska home to bring his lasso act and dramatic skills to the stage, Texas Jack had bid farewell to Ena Raymonde, the southern-born belle who wrote of Jack as "my beau ideal of a scout" in her journals. But here on tour, he found himself captivated by the charming Morlacchi, whose grace and beauty had won her acclaim and adulation everywhere she went. Perhaps picking up on her emerging feelings for Texas Jack, one newspaper critic described her character of Dove Eye as "the beautiful Indian maiden with the Italian accent and a weakness for scouts."

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