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Part 2 - Buffalo Bill: Legends of the Old West

Part 2 of 6 in a series on Buffalo Bill Cody I wrote for Legends of the Old West.

In Episode 2 of "Buffalo Bill – Frontier Hero" we explore the dramatic shift in William Cody's life from a lucrative but unstable career as a bison hunter to a renowned scout and eventual showman. Facing personal and financial hardships, including the loss of his job and the strain on his marriage, Cody finds a new direction under the influence of Wild Bill Hickok. His remarkable skills as a scout gain recognition, leading to a profoundly impactful friendship with Texas Jack Omohundro and a fateful meeting with Ned Buntline. These encounters set the stage for Cody's transformation into the legendary Buffalo Bill, blurring the lines between real-life frontier exploits and the sensationalized tales of dime novels. Join us as we trace Buffalo Bill's journey through fame, adventure, and the making of a Wild West icon.

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