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Restored Image of Texas Jack Junior

Recently, a new photo of Texas Jack Junior popped up online.

Sadly, the image is torn, and the tear covers Junior's face. Some of this damage can be corrected in Photoshop, but repairing the nose is the hardest part.

If we compare it to the other photos of Texas Jack Junior that we have, we can try to get as close to his nose as possible. In Photoshop, I took the nose from other pictures of Junior and superimposed, rescaled, and moved it until I matched it up the best I could.

Finally, I ran the resulting image through Remini to sharpen it up a little bit. The result is probably as close as we can come to having a glimpse of Texas Jack Junior at this moment in his career. I love the Lone Star emblems on his hat.

Like his namesake, Texas Jack Omohundro, Junior used the Lone Star as a symbol of being a Texas cowboy, one of the reasons it made sense for the NFL Dallas Cowboys to use the same icon to illustrate their ties to their state's most famous profession.

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