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The Last Ride of Wild West

As the digital sun sets on the horizon of print journalism, another storied publication rides into history. 'Wild West' magazine, a venerable source of American frontier history, has announced that its digital-only Spring 2024 issue, featuring Buffalo Bill Cody on the cover, will be its final one. The magazine transitioned from print to digital-only in the Autumn of 2023.

My April 2022 cover story on Texas Jack won both a Spur and a Wrangler Award.

Founded in 1988, 'Wild West' carved a niche for itself by bringing the tales, truths, and myths of the American West to life. For 36 years, its pages have been a rendezvous for historians, enthusiasts, and scholars. The magazine, under the stewardship of editors like Greg Lalire and Dave Lauterborn, has been more than just a periodical; it has been a curator of the rugged, raw, and romantic spirit of the West.

The magazine's journey is noteworthy not just for its longevity but also for its accolades. Contributors to 'Wild West' have been recognized with seven Wrangler Awards from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, six Spurs from the Western Writers of America, several Six-Shooters from the Wild West History Association, and a pair of Will Rogers Medallions. The publication's competitive spirit remains undimmed, with its contributors still in the running for awards in the 2024 and 2025 editions of these competitions.

My personal journey with 'Wild West' has been profoundly gratifying. My article, "Texas Jack Takes an Encore," was the cover story for the April 2022 issue and won both the Spur Award and the Wrangler Award. I owe a debt of gratitude to the editors, Lalire and Lautterborn, for their invaluable support and belief in my work.

'Wild West' was part of the HistoryNet constellation, owned by Regency LP since 2015, following its earlier association with Eric Weider's Weider History Group. The transition of ownerships reflects the evolving landscape of print and digital media.

As we bid farewell to this trailblazing publication, we acknowledge its significant role in preserving and popularizing the history of the American West. Its departure leaves a void in the hearts of Western history aficionados. Yet, the legacy of 'Wild West' will continue to inspire, educate, and entertain, much like the enduring legends of the frontier it so passionately chronicled.

In closing, 'Wild West' magazine may be riding off into the sunset, but the stories it told, the history it preserved, and the inspiration it provided will continue to echo in the canyons of time. Here's to a publication that was much more than just a magazine; it was a gateway to an era that shaped the American ethos. Thank you, 'Wild West,' for the magnificent journey. It's been a hell of a ride.

The final issue of Wild West.

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4 Kommentare

D. Hutch
D. Hutch
13. Mai

Sadly, I'm not surprised. I have been a long-time subscriber since early 2000s. I wasn't even notified in any manner when they went digital. I only found out after writing about missing magazines. Sadly little effort has been made on their part to help me actually access the digital copies. They have an old email that I can't use and when I ask to change, I've received no response. I haven't seen an issue since early 2023. I also noticed a general deterioration for the past few years IMO. So Sad, yes, but expected. At least True West is still available!

Gefällt mir

To all of those involved in this wonderful publication, my heart is deeply saddened with the news that the trail has ended for Wild West magazine . For years as soon as I would enter my local bookstore, I would make a beeline to the periodicals to look for the latest issue of Wild West and True West magazines. Reading your stories always transported me into an age of long ago. The Wild West will always live in my heart, and hopefully someday it will be restored to its glory once again. I will be watching and waiting. K.N.

Gefällt mir

Larry lammers
Larry lammers
29. März

I can't believe it's true, so suddenly! I have saved most copies since 1991 guess it's time to start rereading !

Gefällt mir

Goodness and truth have lost it's following. People relish their own truths these days. They like legend more than the reality. It seems like goodness has lost it's place in the world for now, but hopefully not forever. I am sorry that something good is coming to an end.

Gefällt mir
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