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SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR - Cast Out of Eden: The Untold Story of John Muir, Indigenous Peoples, and the American Wilderness by Robert Aquinas McNally offers a profound and poignant exploration of one of America's conservation icons and the darker sides of his legacy. Diverging from typical glorifications, this book delves into John Muir's complex interactions with America's wilderness and its original inhabitants, offering a narrative that illuminates the unintended consequences of the conservation movements he championed. McNally's critical eye examines how the sanctification of wild lands often led to the dispossession and suffering of Native American communities, presenting a more nuanced view of America's environmental history.

This thought-provoking masterpiece challenges readers to reconcile the beauty of preserved landscapes with the historical injustices inflicted upon Indigenous peoples. Through a detailed portrayal of Muir's life and his impact on both the land and its native inhabitants, McNally encourages a rethinking of what it means to protect nature. Cast Out of Eden is essential reading for anyone interested in environmental conservation, American history, and the ethical complexities that accompany our national heritage. This book is a clarion call for inclusivity and justice in how we manage and honor America's wild spaces.

Cast Out of Eden by Robert Aquinas McNally

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