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SIGNED - Texas Jack: America's First Cowboy Star by Matthew Kerns


You’ve heard of the iconic Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok, but now it’s time to learn the incredible true story of their friend and fellow fabled cowboy, Texas Jack Omohundro. Packed with exciting tales of dangerous cattle drives, fierce battles, and theatrical exploits, Texas Jack: America’s First Cowboy is required reading for any Old West aficionado.


Buffalo Bill’s best friend, Wild Bill’s favorite cowboy, husband of the most famous ballerina in the world, Texas Jack’s life provided the foundation and inspiration behind the cowboys that would follow on stage, in print, and on the silver screen.  Fierce foe of the Sioux and stalwart friend of the Pawnee, Texas Jack was the original cowboy in America’s “cowboys and Indians” stories.

Texas Jack: America's First Cowboy Star