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Exclusive Autographed Books Now Available at Dime Library!

I am thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all book lovers and collectors at! As the holiday season approaches, we've curated a special collection of "Signed by the Author" books by myself and some of my favorite authors that are perfect for gifting or adding to your personal library.

This selection features five remarkable titles, each with the unique touch of a signature and personal inscription by the author. Here are the titles that are currently available:


"Texas Jack: America's First Cowboy Star" by Matthew Kerns - Dive into the captivating life of John B. Omohundro, known as Texas Jack, who emerged as America's first cowboy celebrity in the 19th century. The book explores his transformation from a Confederate soldier to a renowned scout and showman, spotlighting his pivotal role in popularizing the cowboy image through his stage performances and significant influence on American entertainment and popular culture.


"Galloping Gourmet: Eating and Drinking with Buffalo Bill" by Steve Friesen - Embark on a gastronomic journey through the life of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, tracing his transition from plainsman fare to gourmet dining as his fame grew. The book explores how Cody’s Wild West Show reflected his culinary sophistication and how his personal dining habits ranged from campfire simplicity to the finest restaurants, while also addressing the controversies of his drinking and his lasting impact on American and European foodways.


"The Notorious Life of Ned Buntline" by Julia Bricklin - Delve into the complex figure of Edward Zane Carroll Judson, known for crafting a romanticized yet misleading image of the American West through his prolific dime novel career and for making Buffalo Bill a household name. This biography explores Judson's tumultuous life filled with personal excesses and multiple identities, providing a raw examination of the man behind the legend, whose own notorious existence has largely eluded historical scrutiny.


"From Chernobyl with Love" by Katya Cengel - Chronicles the journey of young Western journalists like the author venturing into post-Soviet Eastern Europe, a region ripe with the promise of democracy and a free press. Amidst the backdrop of historical upheaval, Cengel's personal narrative weaves her experiences in the emerging media landscape of Latvia and Ukraine with her intimate encounters at Chernobyl, culminating in a poignant memoir that captures both the zeitgeist of a transforming region and her own coming of age.


"Straitjackets and Lunch Money" also by Katya Cengel - A powerful dual narrative that combines the author’s harrowing experience with childhood mental illness at a psychosomatic unit with a journalistic exploration of the treatment's historical context. It's a poignant reflection on personal trauma and the shifts in mental health care, delivered through the intertwined perspectives of a young girl and her adult counterpart seeking understanding.


These books are not just great reads; they are treasures. With the holiday season right around the corner, there is no better gift for the avid reader in your life than a book that comes with both a story and a signature.

Visit our bookstore now to secure your signed copies. Remember, there is nothing quite as personal as a book signed by the author. Don't miss out on making your holiday gifts extra special this year!

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