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Preorder Galloping Gourmet

The intertwining of cultural history and culinary tradition has always had its unique allure, and Steve Friesen's upcoming book, "Galloping Gourmet: Eating and Drinking with Buffalo Bill," is a testament to that. Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, the book offers an intriguing look at the historical figure of Buffalo Bill Cody through the lens of food and drink, presenting a perspective that is as informative as it is appetizing.

For those who are familiar with Steve Friesen's previous works, such as "Buffalo Bill: Scout Showman, Visionary" and the Western Heritage Award-winning "Lakota Performers in Europe: Their Culture and What They Left Behind," it is known that his writing is backed by in-depth research and a passion for the subjects he explores. As Director Emeritus of the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, Friesen has a personal connection to Buffalo Bill's legacy, bringing an authenticity to his narrative that fans of history and the Wild West will appreciate.

"Galloping Gourmet: Eating and Drinking with Buffalo Bill" delves into the culinary habits and preferences of this iconic figure of the American West and the time period in which he lived. The book is not a collection of recipes; instead, it narrates the social and cultural aspects of dining during Buffalo Bill's time. These are the culinary adventures of a famously adventurous man. The book reflects the fact that the simple act of eating and drinking offers us insights into the values, challenges, and everyday lives of historical figures and the communities they lived in.

The publication date of December 1 is timely for those looking for a meaningful Christmas/Holiday gift for friends or family interested in the Wild West or gastronomy. It is a thoughtful present that combines a love for history with the pleasure of cooking and eating. Whether it's for a history buff keen on the details of frontier life or a foodie with a taste for the historical origins of the cuisine of America's most important showman, this book has the potential to be a highlight under the Christmas tree.

Preorders for "Galloping Gourmet: Eating and Drinking with Buffalo Bill" are currently open. The book not only makes for an enjoyable read but also promises to be a conversation starter, a source of inspiration for kitchen adventures, and a journey back in time to the flavorful world of the American frontier.

With the holiday season approaching, consider adding "Galloping Gourmet: Eating and Drinking with Buffalo Bill" to your gift list, and give the gift of a culinary exploration that bridges the gap between the past and the present.

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