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The Centre of Attraction

In late 1878, Texas Jack and Doctor Carver prepared for a series of shooting exhibitions with a long stop in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jack had joined Carver, who he knew from North Platte, Nebraska, in a shooting exhibition in New York on the 4th of July. Carver immediately understood that spectators who had no idea who he was would come down to their local parks to see the famous cowboy turned scout Texas Jack.

Omohundro and Carver arrived in Wilmington, and the newspapers there reported that they would soon stage a shooting exhibition in the city. But within a couple of days, Carver left town to rendezvous with his new bride before shooting exhibitions in Augusta, Atlanta, and Macon. Jack took the opportunity to entertain the children of Wilmington, to hunt with locals, and to try his hand in shooting contests against some of North Carolina's best marksmen—with Jack coming out ahead the majority of the time.

From the Wilmington Daily Revue, October 25, 1878:

The Centre of Attraction.

Dr. Carver and Texas Jack were the centre of attraction to the boys this morning until the elks appeared on the streets and then the doctor and his companion sank into mere nothingness in comparison with the horny-headed quadrupeds. A little fellow thought Texas Jack was Santa Claud with his reindeer and ran home to announce the arrival of the mythical potentate to his little sister. A farmer who was looking at the elks with all the eyes he possessed, viz. three pair in all, one natural and two of glass thought "by hokey, they would plow well."

Two Celebrities.

Dr. Carver, the famous shootist, and J.B. Omohundro, well known as Texas Jack, the Scout, arrived in the city last evening from Norfolk and are quartered at the Purcell House. Their arrival here has created quite a store among our people, who have often wondered at Dr. Carver's marvelous skill as described by those who have witnessed some of the feats which have justified his claim to be the champion rifleman of the world. The Doctor uses none but leaden pills but those he sends with so much directness that they always do their work very effectually.

Mr. Omohundro, or Texas Jack, claims to be a descendant of one of the old Indian tribes of Virginia. He is a Virginian by birth, but has passed the most of his time in Texas.

Dr. Carver leaves here tonight for Macon, Ga., where he has an engagement. Texas Jack will remain here until Dr. Carver's return, which will be about a week hence, when the two will give some exhibitions of their skill, Dr. Carver with the rifle and Texas Jack with the pistol.

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